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The Founder was founded by Leslie Fauquet M.A. C.C.C. SLP. Mrs. Fauquet graduated from Central Michigan University with a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology. She has a Life Credential for Teaching Special Education and providing speech pathology services in the public schools, a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech - Language and Hearing Association and is licensed in the State of California. She was the owner of a private practice, Ameri-Corp Speech and Hearing, for 20 years.

In 1997, Mrs. Fauquet, who has experienced both sides of the special education system as a parent and professional, started providing free special education information online at Since then, it has become a leading portal for special education professionals and parents. She started offering Online continuing education courses in 2000, and was launched. It is now a leading provider of online continuing education courses for speech pathology, audiology, special education and healthcare professionals.

The Courses offers practical continuing education courses with handouts that therapists, educators, and healthcare professionals can immediately use with their students or clients. Current topics include: ADHD, Adult Neurogenic, Articulation, Assistive Technology, Audiology, Autism, Brain Injury, Craniofacial, Dysphagia, Fluency, Language/Learning Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders, Prevention of Medical Errors, and Trachs and Vents.

The Testimonials has offered online continuing education since 2000 with excellent consumer satisfaction. People from all over the country are taking courses because they are convenient, practical and geared to fit everyone's needs from private practice to public school settings.

Sharon, an SLP in a hospital or clinic from Florida, wrote: "The review after the lesson was helpful"

Brenda, an SLP in the public schools – elementary from Florida, wrote: "A variety of teaching modalities"

Samuel, an SLP in the public schools – elementary from California, wrote: "Very thorough"

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